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About exile, returning home, guilt, honor, and reconciliation with oneself and one's family, The Betrayers vividly re-creates the lives of Soviet dissidents and the depressing existence of Jews who stayed in Russia, as it explores how people stick to their principles.
This insight allows us to be more objective and less likely to accept the Communist propaganda that regards them as betrayers of the nation.
98) receives a fine reading by Rene Auberjonois whose spirited voice lends drama and action to the story of a special agent who discovers his wife was murdered--and who seeks revenge and her betrayers.
So the unity and Democracy will be for ever ,no place for betrayers.
Can we also ban the cutting and plucking of eyebrows, the straightening of hair, and the amount of time these imposers, seducers and betrayers into marriage spend talking on their mobile phones?
I pray that may Allah protect this beloved country and its leadership from betrayers.
Bulger and other betrayers of the public trust whose public service devolved to flagrant self-service.
This sounds to me like what Jesus does for his betrayers whenever we gather around word and table.
And speaking of betrayers of socialism, guess who is Bob Rae's favourite political philosopher?
Jesus ministered to and included in his inner circle prostitutes, betrayers, males, females, the wounded and imperfect.
Casting off the weight of the Democratic Party hacks and betrayers, we should struggle alongside our allies to move toward full equality.
It's a performance with a double meaning, one for the audience, another for her betrayers.