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Nuland's Maimonides, and Douglas Century's Barney Ross, Rebecca Goldstein's Betraying Spinoza is the fourth book in Schocken's "Jewish Encounters" series.
The Pauline example of the truth event is a sudden conversion that renders the new subject non-existent before, but the Hebrew subject is more complex: first he declares fidelity to the event, faith to the revelation--"all that he commands we will do, we will obey"--and then, despite the intention of fidelity, despite these promises, he backslides, betraying the true event with a false one (idolatry), falling victim to a failure of courage--"because there were no graves in Egypt, did you take us to die in the wilderness?
Princes William and Harry have accused Mr Burrell of betraying their mother.
He also accused biblical Jews of betraying Jesus Christ and of trying to kill the Islamic Prophet Mohammed.
Do you feel you're betraying your viewers," Rowland Evans asked, "by letting another network take them over?
They have private schools to go to, they have their own street cleaning crews, they don't have this murder problem" Humbles says it makes his blood boil when other African-Americans tell him not to "betray a brother" "If anyone is betraying the black community, it's Barry.
As you'll remember, it was Forster who famously declared that if he was faced with the moral dilemma of having to choose between betraying his friend or his country, he hoped he would have the guts to betray his country.
Gracefully deferring our desire for instant esthetic gratification, Liisa Roberts' installation, betraying a portrait, 1995, was designed to do seemingly anything but happen all at once.
Judas, overwhelmed by grief and shame at his betrayal of Jesus ("I have sinned in betraying innocent blood"), hanged himself.
Accusing Max Brod of betraying Kafka (it is solely because of Brod that Kafka's letter to his father is known to the public, in fact to everyone except Kafka's father), or accusing Ansermet of betraying Stravinsky (for suggesting to Stravinsky that he edit one of his symphonies), Kundera accuses too, and he does so in his typically flamboyant, original, and witty way.
So this is one of the most successful propaganda ventures of the administration: to take the fact that GIs were sent into a stupid, needless, imperialist war to be wounded, to die, and to kill, and then to accuse the anti-war movement of betraying them.
Betraying your hubby with a stranger would be bad enough but if you sleep with his brother you'll never come back from it and it will destroy many relationships you have with his family.