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Oh, yes," said the Parrot; "but I am far better off here.
And perhaps I shall be better off in a year or two.
Garth had been a teacher before her marriage; in which case an intimacy with Lindley Murray and Mangnall's Questions was something like a draper's discrimination of calico trademarks, or a courier's acquaintance with foreign countries: no woman who was better off needed that sort of thing.
Investors from Hong Kong invest in manufacturing sectors, employing workers with higher-than-minimum wage and decent working conditions, that's the view we share that, generally, the people are better off under the current administration,' he said.
I thought Jock and the girls would be better off without me.
While women expect to be PS150 a year better off than women who retired last year, men expect to be PS750 a year better off on average than men who retired in 2015.
I would say they are better off without it, personally, but I'm not making that as a recommendation, just my feeling.
By a three-point margin of 39% to 36%, voters think Britain's economy is better off for being in the EU.
adults say they are better off than eight years ago, sharply lower than the 73% who said the same in 2000.
Six million employees - 23% of the workforce - will be better off with an expected rise to PS9 by 2020.
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which is part-way through an investigation into the banking sector, has found that current account customers could be between PS70 and PS260 a year better off by moving to a deal that really suits their needs.
Alun Cairns: "Our welfare reforms are designed to create a fairer system where people are always better off in work than on benefits"Wales Office Minister Alun Cairns saw how Universal Credit is benefiting over 4,000 people in Wales during a visit to Bridgend Job centre.