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Summer was now past and gone, and the better part of autumn likewise.
As to the doubt which some persons have proposed and objected, we may answer it in this manner; it is this, whether a legislator, who would establish the most perfect system of laws, should calculate them for the use of the better part of the citizens, or the many, in the circumstances we have already mentioned?
But the story would include a chain of events extending over the better part of two centuries, and, written out with reasonable amplitude, would fill a bigger folio volume, or a longer series of duodecimos, than could prudently be appropriated to the annals of all New England during a similar period.
The Pyncheons, in brief, lived along, for the better part of two centuries, with perhaps less of outward vicissitude than has attended most other New England families during the same period of time.
I had spent the better part of the night at the bedside of the worshipful Governor Winthrop, doing what my poor skill might to give him ease.
and them that’s larned, and acquainted with religion, too; though you might look a week, now, and not find even the stump of a pine on them; and that’s a wood that lasts in the ground the better part of a hundred years after the tree is dead.
The better part of his nature had triumphed, he had performed a generous act and saved a helpless enemy, and in return the enemy was taking him to jail.
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33-34 on BoMs should read: "For example, if a BOM specs out a capacitor at a 5% tolerance, but the assembly house receives a better part with a lower 1 to 2% tolerance, they would normally consult the customer/OEM about using the lower tolerance part since it is a deviation from the BOM.
A large site on Route 1 in Edison deserves the finest contemporary development, and we have invested the better part of two years blending the hottest retail concepts with Edison's desire for a family-oriented facility with a classic design and manageable scale," says Emanuel Stern, President and COO of Hartz Mountain Industries.
The contentious negotiations unfolded for the better part of a year, with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's attempts to wrest control of the 720,000-student, 700-school district away from the school board hanging as the backdrop.
According to Garry Wills in What Jesus Meant, when Jesus told Mary that she had chosen the better part than Martha, he was defending her decision to "enter the world of the learned .

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