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Ms Denney-Finch added: "Even better-off shoppers are looking to discount stores as they feel the squeeze.
A majority of voters believe child benefit payments to better-off families should be scrapped, a poll conducted ahead of next week's Budget has found.
The poll - which showed the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition partners making gains on Labour overall - found less support for removing winter fuel payments from better-off pensioners.
com, launched in 1995, claims better-off buyers see opportunities to exploit lower prices and have greater bargaining power.
Better-off families, however, will benefit from plans to raise the pounds 50,000 tax free limit on the new Individual Savings Accounts.
That is why I will be making clear to MPs tomorrow the need for a fairer loans system for students and for better-off students to pay towards fees.
That is because each extra dollar a low-income person pays is a greater proportion of their earnings than each extra dollar a better-off person pays.
SO free bus passes, winter fuel allowance, free TV licences and free prescriptions etc, must be axed for better-off pensioners, says Tory moderniser Nick Boles, whoever he may be (Evening Chronicle, July 10).