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Not improbably he was the best workman of his time; or, perhaps, the Colonel thought it expedient, or was impelled by some better feeling, thus openly to cast aside all animosity against the race of his fallen antagonist.
Your father, for example, settles in Vermont, in a town where all are, in fact, free and equal; becomes a regular church member and deacon, and in due time joins an Abolition society, and thinks us all little better than heathens.
Micawber arranged that he would call at Doctor Strong's in the course of the morning (having a presentiment that the remittance would arrive by that post), and propose the day after, if it would suit me better.
Perhaps it would have been possible to think of digging with some cheerfulness if Nancy Lammeter were to be won on those terms; but, since he must irrevocably lose her as well as the inheritance, and must break every tie but the one that degraded him and left him without motive for trying to recover his better self, he could imagine no future for himself on the other side of confession but that of "'listing for a soldier"--the most desperate step, short of suicide, in the eyes of respectable families.
for all the other factories were owned by men who offered no better terms.
If they did believe you, they would like me all the better for it.
I am always ready to mend my manners to my betters," said he, "but I am afraid you cannot teach me any better than you can dust my jacket.
Let me tell you also of another matter which you had better attend to.
Oh, it was of no use thinking about that; it was very expensive--indeed, making mince- pies at all was a great expense, when they were not sure to turn out well: it would be much better to buy them ready-made.
An' he said as our Christmas singin' was no better nor the cracklin' o' thorns under a pot.
You have no right to do so, for there are better men here than you are.
Nowadays, well-educated natives are of opinion that when their womenfolk travel - and they visit a good deal - it is better to take them quickly by rail in a properly screened compartment; and that custom is spreading.