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Francis Hyland, representing on-course bookmakers, said people betting or laying on exchanges at the racetrack should be treated the same as the registered layers in the betting ring.
Proponents of legalised sports betting argue that having a flutter on a sporting activity is not only relatively harmless, but may also increase interest and fan support in the sport.
Wait to receive your reply text with the betting options and possible returns
Offer does not apply in Call Centre or Coral betting offices.
So enjoy a betting experience without all the bells and whistles getting in your way and go online to place your free bet
No special legislation regulating sports betting has been adopted in Lithuania.
Wait to receive your second reply text with the betting options and possible returns, then reply A, B or C etc to place your pounds 3 FREE BET.
You can also bet using Scotbet's mobile betting application 'scotbet.
You will receive two texts back from betNOW, a welcome txt and a text with the betting options - A: Win, B: Lose, C: Draw and other score options.