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Quite understandably, then, his passing is not a moment of great sadness for anyone except those who bewail the changes in Spain since Franco's parting.
Britannia cries, "My sons, restrain your woe; Let ANDRE's name each gen'rous bosom warm, String every nerve, prompt ev'ry hand to arm, 'Till the fell foes bewail their guilty deed, And slaughter'd thousands round their victim bleed
She does not protest, but obtains permission to spend two months in the mountains with her companions, to bewail her virginity.
Though they don't say so, when politicians bewail the federal tax burden on working folks, they are really talking about the payroll tax.
The men kill each other, leaving Leonardo's wife, the bridegroom's mother, and the bride to bewail their losses.
Last January, De Lima delivered a privilege speech to bewail the propagation of fake news allegedly propagated by supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte to harass her and malign her good reputation.
Council do-goodies would order mass arrests, health and safety executives would bewail the bespoiling of our wonderful beaches and hypocrisy would run rampant.
BBC One Wales, tonight, 8pm While some long-time fans still bemoan and bewail the departure of Terry Wogan from the glittering holding pen of dreams that is the Eurovision, nothing can detract from the tragically hilarious parade of deluded souls that makes up the meat of the show.
Those who bewail the fact that much of the UK automotive industry is now under foreign ownership should be made to think about the global nature of such a capital-intensive, cash-burning industry.
Here the Angel of Death (Farrokh Nemati) is no Brad Pitt, but a pontificating figure in white rags who takes the time to escort a fiftyish artist-in-crisis (a staggering, gasping Jahangir Almasi) back to the muddy farm he left 33 years ago, to bewail the death of Mom and Dad and sigh after his long-lost fiancee.