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She bewailed a seeming lack of coordination between the national government and local government units,"because there is really no point person atNDRRMC," Poe said in a radio interview.?
The senator bewailed what he deemed to be 'a cavalier attitude' of government officials to help track down and bust big-time illegal drug deals in the Philippines.
Complaints have surfaced in social media from netizens who bewailed the handling of patients at the hospital.
NNA - President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Monday bewailed the dire situation recently endured by the print media in Lebanon.
He also bewailed my alleged statement 'in a January 2017 forum [that] Masbate, currently counted as part of Bicol, would be included in Central Visayas.' Again, he does not seem to realize that I have, in fact, ceaselessly advocated in federalism forums that the choice of the people as to which federal state they wish to belong should as much as possible be respected.
In this column we bewailed the fate of Shabana football club that could not afford to send their players some 60 kilometres to Awendo to play Sony sugar.
She also bewailed police violence against unarmed black people in a December 2014 interview with ( Rolling Stone.
Lewthwaite bewailed Osama's death, vowing revenge on unbelievers.
SWANS chief Michael Laudrup bewailed the "crazy five minutes" that cost his side dear - but insisted he has nothing to reproach his players for.
Nwokoro bewailed the fact that the loss of capacity due to these threats often affects quality of service delivery and customer experience leading to a drop in key performance indicators.
"[But] the total size of the ant fauna [in the entire Philippines] is no doubt much larger,' said the scientists who bewailed the fact that studies of the country's real bio-diversity profile have remained spotty.
And anyone who bewailed the fact that gay footballers weren't "coming out" would have got some very funny looks.