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Her means and substance wasted; her father nearly beggared by her husband's hand, and the hourly witness (for they lived now under one roof) of her ill-usage and unhappiness,-- she never, but for him, bewailed her fate.
In turn, Former Lebanese President, Micheal Sleiman, also bewailed Sabah's loss.
Amatong bewailed the lack of testing facilities in the government and private sectors and the absence of an industry-focused government institution/organization, which could have improved quality, productivity and access to good market.
He also bewailed of heaps of money being used in buying votes, while an election member was appointed as district ombudsman, over which "our member boycotted while his 1200 lead was converted to his rival's lead by 3200 votes", he stated.
He also informed the committee that 25 officers were also arrested on charges of gas and electricity theft, while he also bewailed of FIA facing difficulties during enquiries.
He bewailed the lack of communication from his family, including three brothers Nelson, 43, Sofronio Jr, 26, and Archie, 22; and two sisters Gina, 40 and Gemma Fe, 38.
But while the TV host in her morning show, Kris TV, bewailed the slow delivery, she also explained the reasons behind the delays.
Lewthwaite bewailed Osama's death, vowing revenge on unbelievers.
SWANS chief Michael Laudrup bewailed the "crazy five minutes" that cost his side dear - but insisted he has nothing to reproach his players for.
In a speech last week to academy heads he bewailed what he considers bad governance.
And anyone who bewailed the fact that gay footballers weren't "coming out" would have got some very funny looks.
A FEW weeks ago I bewailed the present state of refereeing and the failure of the appointed supremo Mike Riley to make himself available to answer criticism.