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Not to fret, the threat perceptibly lessens at the arrival of the Mason retinue with new axes to grind: the daughter (Mireille Enos) bewailing her housewife-and-mother career choice and Margot's indifference; the son-in-law (David Arquette) sensitive to his lady's needs but not to the English language; a real-man taxi driver (Josh Stamberg) who tried to eat quiehe but lost his wife anyway; and Margot's publisher (Julian Sands), whose only interest in the feminine mystique is how many bestsellers he can spin off from it.
But now we find ourselves bewailing our economic exile and blaming for our collective ills those who have besieged our city - the bankers, mortgage lenders, money-market speculators and Government deregulators.
Nearly three hundred viewers, unhappy with her antics, have posted disgruntled messages bewailing the lack of nudity and the suspicious claim that the show was live.
Instead of bewailing lost sales, some drug chains have recognized an opportunity.
And instead of bewailing your situation, why can't you take some of the burden off your wife's shoulders?
But I can hear the sobbing of the lady atop the Old Bailey bewailing the loss of her virtue.
These, standing upon the riverbank in a state of great excitement, stretched out their hands from afar with loud lamentations, and earnestly supplicated that they might be allowed to cross over the river, bewailing the calamity that had befallen them, and promising that they would faithfully adhere to the Imperial alliance if this boon were granted them.
FRANK NICHOLLS (Your Say, July 17) joins the chorus bewailing the failure to obtain a gate on an alleyway.
At the age of 28 and with a family to keep, sitting at home and bewailing his bad luck was not an option.
Not much point in bewailing to Andrew Parker Bowles though because he manifoldly enjoyed getting his leg over as much as they did.
These same children will doubtless be the drivers of tomorrow, fuming in traffic jams and bewailing the fact the Government of the day doesn't have a coherent transport policy.
36) And Schmitt states that the great altar in the choir of the convent church "spread its wings like a compassionate mother opening her arms to the stricken multitude; for lepers and victims of the plague pressed toward its steps bewailing their misery and hoping against hope for a miraculous recovery.