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I can't imagine you walking about the world with your back hair down, bewailing a hard-hearted lover," said Tom.
A HEAVY Operator overtaken by a Reverse of Fortune was bewailing his sudden fall from affluence to indigence.
Upon every one of these anniversaries, the venerable Baroness Von Swillenhausen was nervously sensitive for the well-being of her child the Baroness Von Koeldwethout; and although it was not found that the good lady ever did anything material towards contributing to her child's recovery, still she made it a point of duty to be as nervous as possible at the castle of Grogzwig, and to divide her time between moral observations on the baron's housekeeping, and bewailing the hard lot of her unhappy daughter.
Rebecca had the pleasure of seeing her Ladyship in the horseless carriage, and keeping her eyes fixed upon her, and bewailing, in the loudest tone of voice, the Countess's perplexities.
The crazy old woman was too much occupied in bewailing the loss of her cloak (which the undertaker had taken off), to pay him any attention; so they threw a can of cold water over him; and when he came to, saw him safely out of the churchyard, locked the gate, and departed on their different ways.
Left an infant by my parents, at an early age,' said Mr Swiveller, bewailing his hard lot, 'cast upon the world in my tenderest period, and thrown upon the mercies of a deluding dwarf, who can wonder at my weakness
He said: "About 15 years ago I was at a meeting of a community-working group and was bewailing the fact that local bands really had nowhere to play.
And with Mourinho seeking two top-class front options after bewailing his lack of a "real striker" this term, the Blues' boss sees the former Dinamo Zagreb and Wolfsburg man as the ideal option.
THE Journal is constantly bewailing to all and sundry how the North East is a forgotten part of the country.
Thursday evening saw me, head in hands, bewailing my misfortune at having been born.
Kuwait Amir urges Kuwaiti citizens to participate in elections instead of taking to the streets, shouting or bewailing.
It is no good our Christian leaders bewailing what has happened but offering no positive advice.