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SIR - Your correspondent, Glyn Scott, worries that we face an uncertain future if we leave Europe (he means the European Union, not the land mass), and bewails the fact that we do not have the resources of Switzerland or Norway.
On occasion he bewails the fact that whenever someone wishes him good luck, the very opposite happens but this is a story of luck, of chance, of determination and courage.
McEldowney similarly bewails the then-recent appointment of Gen.
Enos, shuffling around in PJs and a fluffy robe as if she'd wandered in from breakfast (one of costume designer David Kay Miekelsen's many witty comments), is hilarious and touching as she enumerates her mommy duties and bewails her inability to find pleasure in her man.
deserters, and bewails the fact that one returnee is now serving 15 months and has a criminal record.
One distraught woman bewails the inadequate access to medical care during and after the conflict.
THIS country and Europe in general bewails the fact that we have an ageing population, and that schools are closing and there won't be enough workers in future to sustain the economy, yet we are, it seems, terrified to take in young and often very able people who have come here for refuge, after having been dreadfully ill-treated in their own country.