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Physicians entering the biotech start-up world can find this entrepreneurial culture bath invigorating and bewildering.
Anthony Smith at the watchdog said: "The machines can present bewildering jargon.
Ms McGuire conceded: "We all know that the current system for delivering support can be bewildering.
The great Sahara is fascinating enough by itself, but few readers realize that its bewildering mix of indigenous peoples and tribes, villagers and nomads is immersed in a seething brew of old tribal conflicts, ancient and contemporary Moroccan politics, and an unending clash of old traditions with modern mores.
As whimsical as many of Dasgupta's stories are, they sometimes verge on the bewildering, particularly in the absence of well-formed characters that would serve to focus the reader's attention.
We are entering an era of intensifying civil rights struggles, and many gay thinkers have noted a bewildering apathy among gay men, especially when it comes to marriage rights.
It is very bewildering for all us and it must be bewildering for you.
It varies from the mathematically bewildering (to most architects, I suspect) to the blindingly obvious (the daylight and view aspects of a Venetian blind, for example).
And today a bewildering assortment of choices confronts CEOs attempting to use new technologies to the greatest competitive advantage.
The two young couples have their familiar bewildering encounters, again enclosed by their own music.