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The MoS and its daily brother provide a mighty fine sports service (one Mail sports desk staff member once told me he and and his colleagues existed "to give the husbands something to read"), but the stuff at the front end of the paper is often bewilderingly daft - stories along the lines of 'Now EU bureaucrats want to allow illegals to eat our otters', 'New link between drinking water and developing spina bifida', etc.
In a year unusually stuffed with strong productions of straight drama, aside from Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart headlining "Waiting for Godot"--a bewilderingly lightweight revival that nonetheless did boffo business--new plays outshone classics.
On this evidence: a fascinating, if bewilderingly schizophrenic album.
If the content of the dictionary is therefore almost bewilderingly wide-ranging, there are preliminary essays to set the scene.
Teaching elementary students forces teachers to empathize with the person on the bench, otherwise they are left holding a bewilderingly empty bag.
The United States' problem today, however, is both larger and more difficult; many of the toxic assets are complex securities backed by bewilderingly sliced-and-diced debts.
The range of primary texts mined for traces of orality here is impressive: libelous poetry cited in defamation court cases, musical lyrics in plays by William and Margaret Cavendish, the dramatization of fairy lore by the Children of Paul's company, explorations and exploitations of the ideologically conservative phonocentric tradition by male and female characters in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Edwin Baldwin's bewilderingly multivocal satirical fiction Beware the Cat.
For the arriving refugees, these hotels offer their first window into what is often a bewilderingly unfamiliar world.
How can the bewilderingly rapid changes of fortune for Christians in the second through fourth centuries AD be conveyed in a few pages?
In layman's language they succinctly explained a bewilderingly complex case.
59 billion in 2005, but still a bewilderingly huge amount of income.