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Cut through by the Colorado and Green Rivers, Canyonlands has a bewilderingly diverse and multi-coloured range of deep canyons, cliffs and rock towers.
By 1920, dialect had become solidly established in its equivocal role: On the one hand, it served as the corrupt opposite of "pure" English and, on the other, bewilderingly, as its "natural" form.
Including more than 100 loans encompassing a variety of media, "Michelangelo Pistoletto: From One to Many, 1956-1974" features the "Quadri specchianti" (Mirror Paintings), 1962-, which reflected, quite literally, Italy's tumultuous social and political transformations of that time; "Stracci" (Rags), 1968, whose consumer remnants are the closest to the aims of Arte Povera, with which Pistoletto is often associated; documentation of the artist's radical theater group Lo Zoo from the late 1960s; and the bewilderingly heterogeneous "Oggetti in meno" (Minus Objects), 1965-66.
There are a bewilderingly huge number of other activities which can be booked - archery, rifle shooting, falconry demonstrations, ghost walks or tea-time quizzes - or you can simply do as we did and borrow a couple of bikes from reception and explore the wonderful grounds.
What they would find, were they to delve into the manifesto, are policies which waver between the confusingly vague and the bewilderingly specific.
By deploying an integrated monitoring and management solution across what are often bewilderingly diverse systems and applications, our customers gain an incalculable competitive advantage.
To be fair, if it's honesty in politicians you want, you're not really going to get any more bewilderingly honest than that.
Beer, cider, alcopops (not that anyone ever calls them that), burgers, chips, a cracking atmosphere, and the satisfyingly rhythmic darts itself, a continuously fascinating game that ebbs and flows and is never short of bewilderingly superb displays of awesome hand-eye coordination.
Bills have also become bewilderingly complex, particularly for the elderly to recognise a fair deal.
No-one can be returned to China without proper documentation -- so workers are either told to burn their passports, or have them destroyed by the gangs, ensuring any attempt to send them home will be obstructed by bewilderingly lengthy delays.
He says, rather bewilderingly, that he tried to move from West Brom quietly.
AND so to bewilderingly camp stargazer RUSSELL GRANT, and one that even he couldn't have seen written in the heavens.