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Benjamin looked at me in some bewilderment on his side, and answered, quite seriously,
This time, however, it was bewilderment of a different sort.
The Frenchman followed the movements of Francis, in such a state of bewilderment that he actually forgot to seize the opportunity of shutting out the fresh air.
But Maid Marian only scolds the more, and at last goes away leaving the others in sad bewilderment.
And on Vronsky's face, always so firm and independent, she saw that look that had struck her, of bewilderment and humble submissiveness, like the expression of an intelligent dog when it has done wrong.
The clerk, observing my bewilderment, favoured me with the result of his own observation of the stranger who was waiting downstairs.
I have watched in utter bewilderment as Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to put a coherent policy together and I just have to wonder if her government has a commitment to leave the European Union or are we being led into a political stalemate where the status quo will leave us in EU limbo, not in and not out, just half in and half out?
A similar bewilderment afflicted Germany at the end of World War I.
IDON'T know about you, but I look at what is going on over the other side of the Atlantic with dismay, sadness and complete bewilderment.
I live in bewilderment, and horror at happened to feel I will years to Victim She told Newcastle Crown Court: "I find it very difficult and painful to put into words how the physical and mental abuse I received from Christopher Lawson has affected me.
Students complained that practical examination of computer, physics, chemistry, statistics, and geography has been announced on same day but in different centres, which has put them in bewilderment.
I read Dean Scurlock's letters with bewilderment, as he seems to base his views on the stupid statements made by one or two of Ukip's candidates, from which he concludes that such opinions are endemic in the party.