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The role of language and its bewitchment, from Ngugi's perspective is very pertinent.
For the language bewitchment, Murdoch via Wittgenstein sometimes introduced intermediate cases as perspicuous presentation that is a case from parallel and different perspectives on human behaviour, which most often vexes the readers.
Cannibalism and zombification therefore become poignant manifestations of colonial Christian bewitchment.
Determined to dissuade the Ohioan from purchasing the property, Julius launches into a conjuring tale of bewitchment hoping to convince his would be employer that some of the grapevines have been "goopheered" or cursed.
In early modern Britain bewitchment of livestock, people and agricultural produce using the evil eye was a rare phenomenon attributed to the intentional malice of the witch.
Ergotism is the proposed mechanism for bewitchment in the Salem witch trials as well as the condition termed St.
Importantly, bewitchment explanations were not the result of ignorance of biological causes.
Lipshaw, The Bewitchment of Intelligence: Language and Ex Post Illusions of Intention, 78 TEMP.
Her narrative talents shine whether describing a healer such as Tonio, who was born with a zurron (caul), a symbol of good luck and special facultades (powers), or relating the story of a married couple unable to conceive for two or three years who happily give birth to a baby after a ritual at El Yunque cleanses them from a bewitchment.
Yet the more you feel a sense of bewitchment the more you should caution yourself to bide your time.
In the prayer, the female sexual organ (havis) is used to refer to bewitchment and the strangest diseases (cis-havis).
From a distance, the affair with Rosa began to seem like a sort of bewitchment, something unreal.