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The bewitchment of the girls in the Lier maagdenhuis aptly illustrates both the rationality and the versatility of the early modern attitude towards the exceptional.
One may say that the Jewish tradition aims at ending linguistic bewitchment, while most others do not recognize this bewitchment--they don't understand language as Wittgenstein, or the Talmud, do.
In the next essay, "Imaginary Borges and His Books," Gass links that author with Wittgenstein and his "battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language" (128).
From time immemorial up to the present, numerous people the world over have perceived healings as the victory of a mighty power over inferior life-threatening evil spirits, demons and bewitchment.
After having discovered and described samples of Van Gennep's famous concept all over the world, teaching anthropologists find themselves metamorphosed by it as a consequence of some mysterious contamination or bewitchment.
Destruction, temptation, bewitchment, betrayal, death, evil, sin.
This method of inquiry moves away from critiques of the clergy propounded by highly literate elite participants in the controversy toward more common denunciations of churchmen inspired by tenacious, less articulate public fears of bewitchment.
8) What mattered was to liberate laity and clergy of different confessions and denominations from the bewitchment of inherited patterns of thought and action which over the centuries have consecrated the divisions affecting Christianity.
Her death was still a puzzle to him, as if there had been bewitchment in that wasting illness.
Ministers were ambivalent on the subject, for they taught that God used bewitchment to punish those who fell short of divine commands.
To paraphrase the later Wittgenstein, one important task for organizational science is to battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by philosophy.