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The two texts on which she focuses her exposition, the Daoist Scripture for Unbinding Curses (Jieshi zhouzu jing) and the Buddhist Sutra for the Conjuration of Bewitchments (Zhoumei jing), were the products of a "subtle textual exchange" between the two traditions, whose approaches to neutralizing spells and curses were otherwise distinctly dissimilar.
55) While Cynthia's healing powers are indisputable, all the major acts of healing she performs in the course of the play are, significantly, meant to counter the original bewitchments cast by Dipsas.
Indeed, the people of Benin believe in the so called " evil eye" and ascribe causes of disease to bewitchments from parents, friends and relations.
inquiry into false intellectual mythology, or in Wittgenstein's words, "the bewitchments of our intelligence by means of language" (59), and demonstration of genuine, or in Kaplan's words, "transformational" mythology--the archetypal perception of the world flowing through the creative language of the poets;
In which with much erudition, and singular clarity, is treated the instruction of Exorcisms for casting out, and making demons flee, and curing spiritually every kind of malefice, and bewitchments, 1660).