beyond all doubt

References in classic literature ?
It may have been some one else connected with the house, of course, but the main fact is beyond all doubt.
I HAVE some command of my features, beyond all doubt.
She was not in a humour, however, to regard it as an affront, and affecting to take no notice of what passed, by instantly talking of something else, she internally resolved henceforward to catch every opportunity of eyeing the hair and of satisfying herself, beyond all doubt, that it was exactly the shade of her own.
Whatever the explanation may be, the event that actually happened was beyond all doubt.
He did not allow himself to think about it, and he did not think about it; but all the same though he never admitted it to himself, and had no proofs, not even suspicious evidence, in the bottom of his heart he knew beyond all doubt that he was a deceived husband, and he was profoundly miserable about it.
The visitors hit back after the restart with a couple of goals, but Harrison put the result beyond all doubt with his third goal of the game.
Headteacher Ken Smithson said: "To raise so much, in so short a space of time, to assist people in real need so far away, is truly amazing and emphasises, beyond all doubt, the type of community we are.
But one thing is proven beyond all doubt - we have too many men committing too many rapes and too many getting off with it.
However, substitute Benyon put the result beyond all doubt in the 81st minute when he lashed home from the edge of the area.
Giorgios Samaras looked to have put the night beyond all doubt with a flashing header from an Aiden McGeady cross fifteen minutes after the interval.
But we have more, as people of faith: We have the cross, that supreme emblem of compassionate love that testifies beyond all doubt that God's love is real and unshakable.