beyond correction

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And, with global warming accelerating, probably beyond correction, drier forests burn more readily.
There is no certainty that someone is beyond correction,' Villegas said.
INCORRIGIBLE A Containing faults B Beyond correction C Not influenced by bribes who am I?
Treatment, beyond correction of any biomechanical causes, involves the usual general measures employed in overuse injuries: rest, with possible partial weight bearing; ice; full-anti-inflammatory-dose NSAIDs for at least several weeks; and physical therapy directed at stretching the gluteus medius and a possibly tight iliotibial band.
Action will be taken against only those who are beyond correction.
Luckily, in 1970 a Tokyo judge ruled in Saburo's favor, saying textbook screening could not go beyond correction of factual and typographical errors.
The court, however, rejected "the idea that any alteration beyond correction of grammar or syntax by itself proves falsity .
Beyond corrections, this needs to include transitioning to a smaller state government that does only what it can afford to do.