beyond cure

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The majority of those attacked by the virus develop Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES), which is beyond cure.
Realising that Madam LaLaurie is beyond cure, Queenie stabs her, with a knife.
Symptoms would drive men to their doctors who took one look and knew what was in store for his patient because by the time symptoms occur this cancer is advanced and beyond cure.
Mediation is particularly well suited to situations where ongoing business relationships are strained but not beyond cure.
Galal: Economic situation severe but not beyond cure
The patient's consent is essential, and at least two doctors must agree that the patient's suffering is unbearable and beyond cure.
8220;We in nursing are blessed to share the journey of birth and death, of illness beyond cure and recovery beyond imagining,” said Donaldson.
If humanity which rises against the hunting of seals, sees the murder of children with phosphorus bombs as collateral damage in the fight against terrorism, in an effort to comfort its conscience, feeling of justice will be hurt beyond cure," said Erdogan.
They are ready to sit with people whose diseases have progressed beyond cure to debilitating condition.
Initially, these skills are of more limited availability and likely bypass some of the traditional pathways and providers; some move beyond cure to enhancements; some involve co-production with the patient.
In The Prince he speaks of a political body whose humors are unbalanced and needs severe medical treatment; in the Discorsi he portrays the good republic in which the humors of the plebs and the humors of the patricians are kept in balance through a healthy conflict and hopes that in the future someone "piu amato dal Cielo" can put into practice what he could only put in paper; in the Florentine Histories he describes a body politic full of malignant humors that seems to be beyond cure unless, as he says in the Discursus Florentinarum rerum, a truly good and prudent man succeeds, with heavens' help, in introducing a political constitution that gives the three humors of the city - the primi, the mezzani and the ultimi - their proper place.