beyond help

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The last flood had lifted her, and had there been much wind or a strong tide current, as in the southern anchorage, we should never have found her more, or found her stranded beyond help.
To improve matters your old lad is likely to require dental work under anaesthetic to remove teeth that are beyond help, and to clean off accumulated tartar.
The hospital was probably stretched to its limit and I think that sometimes in desperate situations like this people can be beyond help.
On Monday, the couple gave up their fight to get treatment in the US for Charlie, who has a rare genetic disease, accepting he was now beyond help.
KELVIN CALDER MacKENZIE - beyond parody, beyond offensive, beyond retirement age and way beyond help.
He said: "They did everything they (could) and sadly the casualty was beyond help.
Elsewhere, emaciated German shepherd Max appears to be beyond help, but Inspector Anthony Pulfer spots signs of life and the animal is rushed off for specialist treatment.
We strongly believe it doesn't have to end how it began - no child is beyond help - and for some, adoption will be their best chance of a permanent, supportive and loving family life.
The PAC does not want to spend its money where a winner is emerging -- in such districts either its candidate does not need help of is beyond help.
It follows Noel Fitzpatrick, who has been nicknamed the Bionic Vet, due to the ingenious prosthetic limbs that he specialises in to save animals that would normally be considered beyond help.
If no rescue team arrives within six minutes after the person goes under the water, the victim "will be beyond help," he said.
The flight crew and the paramedic winched back down to the scene to attempt to resuscitate the patient but unfortunately he was beyond help.