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The liberation of an estate in real property from a mortgage.

Redemption is the process by which land that has been mortgaged or pledged is bought back or reclaimed. It is accomplished through a payment of the debt owed or a fulfillment of the other conditions.


n. the act of redeeming, buying back property by paying off a loan, interest and any costs of foreclosure. (See: redeem)


noun deliverance, indemnification, recovery, release, reparation, replevin, repossession, repurchase, rescue, restoration, retrieval, return, salvation
Associated concepts: right of redemption
See also: discharge, freedom, indemnification, indemnity, liberation, payment, progress, ransom, recovery, rehabilitation, replevin, restitution, salvage

REDEMPTION, contracts. The act of taking back by the seller from the buyer a thing which had been sold subject to th right of repurchase.
     2. The right of redemption then is an agreement by which the seller reserves to himself the power of taking back the thing sold by returning the price paid for it. As to the fund out of which a mortgaged estate is to be redeemed, see Payment. Vide Equity of redemption.

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Edwards said: "I saw Beyond Redemption on his first start when he was an unlucky faller.
Some original IPSC founders felt the sport had changed beyond redemption.
Such is the nature of this ongoing battle that pessimists can argue that Iran's sociopolitical system is authoritarian to the core and is beyond redemption," he writes, "while optimists can argue that the conservative-reformist struggle is the dynamic of Islamic democracy that Iran's leaders are attempting to create as a working model for the rest of the Muslim world--the first attempt of the kind.
It is the fashion among dillettants and fops (perhaps I myself am not guiltless,) to decry the whole formulation of the active politics of America, as beyond redemption, and to be carefully kept away from.
Where Jeff Koons's Rabbit, 1986, is glamorous and erotic despite its kitsch origins, Kelley's mice look used and abused, utterly beyond redemption.
And if you don't feel like a million dollars after it, you are beyond redemption.
No human being or nation, no matter how dehumanized, may be said to be beyond redemption.
It stood as the prototypical failure of SRO housing - a place without hope and beyond redemption.
Indeed, they either ignored the existence of older women or saw them as beyond redemption, victims of their own failure to develop the requisite degree of consciousness of their own second-class status and of no help to younger women.
We believe in the power of prayer, and that no one is beyond redemption.
They are beyond redemption in the eyes of the public and the law should reflect the horror of their crimes when they are sentenced next month.
Never one to mince words, the author of The Last Word , who believes a writer should always be confrontational rather than conventional, feels that Pakistan is beyond redemption.