beyond reform

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The panel was moderated by Karma Ekmekji, Head of International Relations at the office of Prime Minister, and included Gino Raidy, blogger and vice-president at MARCH; Rana Khoury, political and civil rights activist; Marwan Maalouf, human rights lawyer and activist; and Krystel Tabet, consultant at Beyond Reform and Development.
This benevolent and altruistic gesture of Vergara, to be sure, will not only decongest the CCDJ; it will also allow deserving beneficiaries to reunite with their families, even if temporarily and, more importantly, prove to society they are not beyond reform.
Bhatia suspects the system's too far gone and so riddled with hypocrisy, mixed motivations and entrenched interests that it's beyond reform.
Lebanese women are reputed to be very active in their country's public life compared to women in the rest of the Arab world, but statistics by international organizations prove that this claim is wrong," said Gilbert Doumit, managing partner at Beyond Reform and Development in Lebanon.
They have taken away a career I love and I will not allow them to destroy my reputation" Long-serving DJ Tony Blackburn on his sacking by the BBC "To remain in the EU is in my judgment a more dangerous option for British security in its deepest sense - economic, political, military and social" Former Foreign Secretary Lord (David) Owen advocates supporting Brexit, saying the EU is beyond reform "My mother told me three things.
Interestingly, the HERETIC BY HARPER; Somali- born author had previously argued that Islam was beyond reform.
The party's claim that Westminster is beyond reform but Brussels and Strasbourg aren't simply doesn't stack up.
Leading organisations represented at the conference will include the World Bank, International Labour Organisation, Oasis 500 (Jordan), Tamweelcom (Jordan), Mowgli (United Kingdom), Save the Children, United Nations Development Programme, Beyond Reform and Development (Lebanon), the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (United States), Ahead of the Curve (Egypt), Tawasul (Oman), Rwaq (Saudi Arabia), the RAND Corporation (US), Al Amal Microfinance Bank (Yemen), Ruwwad (Jordan), the Jordan Federation of Tourism Associations, Bayt.
The EU is beyond reform because no leader is strong enough to loosen the stranglehold of the Brussels bureaucracy.
The pork barrel system, which includes not just PDAF but also the President's Social Fund, is a form of institutionalized patronage and corruption that is beyond reform.
Gilbert Doumit, Adviser and Director of Beyond Reform and Development, shed light on the place of social media in such exchanges, saying: "Social media is interactive unlike traditional media such as newspapers.