beyond reproach

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It is up to him (Abad) to resign or take a leave of absence and these are worthwhile options to keep their offices beyond reproach.
Steve Gibson, because of his efforts in 1986, will always be remembered with great respect and affection, so many will find these sentiments churlish and harsh, but it is unhealthy and counter intuitive to think that he is beyond reproach.
under sun, sun under whatever sun is under and beyond reproach.
The quality of our assets is beyond reproach, built on a culture of prudence and strict risk management practices, which continues to serve us well in times of calm and crisis.
Here, he's rejoined by his frequent collaborator, comedian Dara O Briain - whose own scientific credentials are beyond reproach, having studied mathematics and theoretical physics, and presented informative (and entertaining) shows such as Science Club and School of Hard Sums.
The poster war started days after Sinha said that he is not concerned whether Gadkari was guilty or not, but demanded that those in public life should be beyond reproach.
The Moseley head coach, who must have flinched at the savage way in which Bedford punished his side's mistakes, identified a pair of debutants and a couple of familiar faces as beyond reproach.
That isn't to say that they were necessarily carrying out the role inappropriately but it is vital for the safety of the public that these people are beyond reproach and fully to be trusted.
They were men of the cloth - men of God - their word was law and they were beyond reproach.
Sadly it is all too apparent that those responsible consider that they are beyond reproach and full of misplaced self-importance.
We're delighted to work with VRX Studios, whose track record of delivering unmatched customer service and outstanding photography is beyond reproach.
He said: "For the referendum to be beyond reproach, the Scottish and UK governments will have to work together.