beyond the ordinary

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While heading the profit of my counsel, avail yourself also of any helpful circumstances over and beyond the ordinary rules.
He was already wealthy beyond the ordinary desires of man, but he now aspired to that honorable fame which is awarded to men of similar scope of mind, who by their great commercial enterprises have enriched nations, peopled wildernesses, and extended the bounds of empire.
I paused a considerable while before I could tell what to say to him; for I was really surprised to find a man of such sincerity, and who seemed possessed of a zeal beyond the ordinary rate of men.
To attain such a point, the blood must be heated to thirty-six degrees, the pulse be, at least, at ninety, and the feelings excited beyond the ordinary limit.
From venturing into new continents from Columbus' times to exploring the moon in Armstrong's - there has always been a great pride in exploring something beyond the ordinary.
Nominees are to have contributed to the institution in a way that has enhanced a program, the operation of and/or the future development of the college that went beyond the ordinary and such results would probably not have occurred without the nominee's special efforts.
In the 1920s, UferAEs exploration of ways of seeing and his experimentation with modernist styles took him beyond the ordinary artist.
Therefore, this olive oil goes beyond the ordinary food scope to become a functional food, the newsletter notes.
In 2008, ALPCO expanded its capabilities with the launch of an organically developed product line focused in the area of diabetes and obesity research while also remaining true to its roots by continuing to provide "Immunoassays Beyond the Ordinary.
The jury commended the Media One team for growing revenue year-on-year despite softening market conditions and Lee said: "It's a really tough industry and we have to constantly think outside the box and that's one of the things we encourage at Media One: creativity and innovation, and as we say, go beyond the ordinary.
The four represented the North West province during the Lilizela awards which seeks to honor and celebrate excellence beyond the ordinary by these establishments in the Tourism in industry.
The serene environment of a former convent will undoubtedly be of considerable appeal to those also looking for something that is above and beyond the ordinary in a property.