beyond understanding

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Also, he has told me that the waters of this lake be salt, which is a strange thing and beyond understanding.
He said it was beyond understanding why the department concerned was oblivious to the garbage heap which was having a negative impact on environment and health.
Awami National Party, JUI and PPP were rejected in 2013 general elections and now they were also rejected by the people in local bodies election and reason for their protest was beyond understanding, Mushtaq Ghani added.
It is beyond understanding why we ask for the specific document for the procedure to continue.
With True Impact, marketers can go beyond understanding baseline metrics, such as click-through rates, to determine the direct impact each push or in-app messaging campaign has on business goals and revenue.
The attitude of the authorities was beyond understanding as they are playing dirty games.
In the weeks that followed, American justice would be abused beyond understanding.
The problem is that most pedophiles are beyond understanding the inappropriateness of their desires, and they believe they do not need help.
This will be a significant advantage as businesses are under increasing pressure to go beyond understanding performance to achieving objectives by taking faster and more informed corrective actions.
He said disgraceful talk of Altaf Hussain about Pakistan army and Rangers and use of abusive language and threats against honourable people is beyond understanding and unacceptable.
The concern of government is beyond understanding that why it is insisting on detention of the accused when he is already detained in jail.
Talking to media persons during his visit to the flood-affected areas of Gilgit-Baltistan, Gilani said Hussain's remarks were beyond understanding.