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He said most of the bhang in Lamu is smuggled in from other counties.
2004) tested the bio-efficacy of ten plant materials including leaves of olive, tea, bhang, elephanta, neem, dharek and fruits of garlic, cloves, black pepper and red chilies in ground form against biology and life span of C.
I won't give away the ending just yet, but one thing to know is this: On virtually every subject related to cannabis (an inclusive term that refers to both the sativa and indica varieties of the marijuana plant, as well as hashish, bhang, and other derivatives), the evidence is ambiguous.
A large number of students across all age groups have been exposed to alcohol, tobacco, miraa (khat), glue sniffing, bhang (marijuana) and even hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine.
Hashish, charas, ganja, sinsemilla, bhang, and hash oil are some forms in which Cannabis is used.
Area police chief Jasper Ombati said: "Police officers arrested a man who was in possession of two rolls of bhang (marijuana) and he is being charged with that offence.
Minna Bhang, senior manager at the visual display division of Samsung Electronics, which backed the event, says.
Kif--yerba verde del persa--es el achisino bhang bengales.
Simple commonplace words like bungalow and bangle come directly from Britain's colonial time out there, as does, more circuitously, cock-up (from the Kap-ak fish) or banged-up which had its origin in Indian Army slang describing what happened to someone out of their skull on bhang (that's cannabis pal, if you are a received pronunciation speaker).
Navdeep also picked up the Best Picture Award at the Toronto Spinning Wheel Film Festival last year for his film about the Punjab's cannabis industry, Bhang Goes Da Green Revolution.
The Rajputs did not condemn bhang as fiercely as the Brahmans denounced daru, but, as one of them pointed out, bhang "makes you quite useless, unable to do anything.