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For Republican presidential contenders challenged by the media, the go-to answer has become a claim of victimhood: You are biased against us.
As for the question of whether or not anyone should care about media bias, the author points to empirical studies suggesting that biased news routines can influence public opinion and voting behavior.
For example, a biased physician might wrongly perceive that a black patient with uncontrolled high blood pressure is uncooperative and unlikely to adhere to a more intensive treatment regimen.
State definitively whether forecasts are biased or make objective judgments about whether the situation has improved or deteriorated.
Layer biasing utilizes the principle that escape routes on a horizontally biased layer will be horizontal and escapes on a vertically biased layer will be vertical--as shown in FIGURE 2.
I OFTEN tell people that when it comes to football: "I am not biased.
Though written by a person of faith especially to help other Christians sort through news media, Engaging News Media is emphatically not biased toward the hardcore conservative Christian perspective--nor is it biased toward a hardcore liberal perspective.
Since the major tool is speed of reaction, and since my eyes are not too good now, the results were very curious and probably totally unreliable: Though a lifelong, unprejudiced heterosexual, the test has me biased in favor of gays; as a lifelong champion of color blindness regarding race, I am indicated as being biased against blacks.
They should, instead, seek a balance between letting athletes become aware of their intrinsic movement tendencies, and use strategies that encourage them to avoid being biased without having to actively think about it.
Goozner characterizes this statement as implying that the scientists were only biased, whereas in his view the scientists really "were covered by the conflict of interest standard" because they "currently or previously worked for DuPont.
Commissioners Wayne Rew and Hal Helsley are under attack by attorney John Murdock, who alleged they are biased in favor of allowing the expansion in a five-page letter obtained by the Daily News.
Hamilton 1m 65y (inside) 14+ runners Low 29 (1) Middle 51 (3) High 70 (11) The sprint course at Hamilton used to be one of the most biased in the country, but shortly after a discussion with the clerk of the course (Is our sprint track one of the most biased in the country?