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It was far too easy for a patron to place a hold associated with a bibliographic record that had no local holdings, even though a copy may exist on another record that had a holding just a few feet away.
The content of the bibliographic records must contain appropriate information to support both filtered and unfiltered searching and record display at different levels.
The number of changes made to bibliographic records as a result of this process have been significant (greater than 1000).
I took a representative sample of some of the "Votes for Women" documents and searched them in OCLC to determine whether bibliographic record, for the print versions existed.
Rather than, for example, maintaining a manual card-based Master Shelf List or "official catalog" or union catalog within technical services, and another shelf list within the public services branch or unit, there was one master file of bibliographic records in machine-readable format readily available to anyone with access to a computer on the library's local or wide-area network.
They discussed the entrepreneurial and independent nature of search engines (comparing the omnipresent advertising to a fantasy of ads popping up for every tenth bibliographic record in a library catalog) and pondered how these characteristics might influence the outcome of a search.
In addition to the descriptive aspect of the bibliographic records, it was important to me to provide subject access as well.
Using homegrown software, catalogers transfer data directly from electronic manuscripts, not in MARC format, to a bibliographic record they are creating in MARC format.
WebBridge, a contextual resource linking tool, connects users directly from the bibliographic record display in the Web OPAC and Millennium modules to related resources such as full-text articles, book reviews, or book jacket images.
In reviewing the definition of quality at the Library of Congress (LC), the relationship of quality cataloging to copy cataloging, minimal level cataloging, the core bibliographic record, and outsourcing, the author concludes that the definition of quality is dynamic and dependent on the values and needs of catalog users.
Particularly in an online environment, if the individual bibliographic record is not in the OPAC, the library might as well not own the set in which it resides.
In the merging process, duplicate titles are identified and attached to a single bibliographic record.

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