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With a foreword by Salman Rushdie, this revelatory volume will bring a sparkle to any bibliophile's holiday.
Silverman begins her lively study of fin-de-siecle book love by distinguishing between two generations of bibliophiles: the "Ancients," associated with the Societe des Bibliophiles Francois, and the "Moderns," the new generation emerging in the last decades of the nineteenth century with aspirations to modernize book love.
Author Ray Edinger is a bibliophile and avid student of Arctic exploration, and he has produced a popular history "that just had to be written." Edinger's enthusiasm and knowledge shine through the pages and make for reading that is lively as well as accurate.
As a bibliophile I enjoy perusing the bibliographies (references in the 19 contributions total 1,245) and I must say that this volume provides the reader with a concise over view of the literature on the subject.
She prides herself on being a voracious bibliophile and reads every book that wins Britain's Booker prize, including Ian McEwan's "Amsterdam" and his latest, "Atonement."
I personally have used this method throughout my career, since my residency at the Mayo Clinic and my exposure to my friend and teacher Henry Lane Williams, MD, a great scholar and bibliophile.
Alan Armstrong (lawyer, bibliophile, historian) has edited and annotated 192 of Collinson's admirably practical letters, with their democratic spelling and rich, Quakerish respect for the green world.
Martin Morell's account of the library of Georg Knoff, "bibliophile and devotee of Italian music in late sixteenth-century Danzig," reveals aspects of Hanseatic musical culture, as well as the biography of a forgotten music patron.
The Christian habit of attempting to regulate the reading of the faithful went even further teal to the Ephesian converts of Saint Paul, who made bonfires of books they considered superstitious (books valued, I note with a bibliophile's attention to cost, at "fifty thousand pieces of silver").
We've assembled a stack of picks for the bibliophile on your shopping list.
The person who loves books is a bibliophile. A bookworm is someone who loves books for their content, or who loves reading.
Wonderful color illustrations, fascinating facts, and an author's note embellish this wonderful true story about Thomas Jefferson the bibliophile. Highly recommended, especially for public and school library children's collections.