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Silverman begins her lively study of fin-de-siecle book love by distinguishing between two generations of bibliophiles: the "Ancients," associated with the Societe des Bibliophiles Francois, and the "Moderns," the new generation emerging in the last decades of the nineteenth century with aspirations to modernize book love.
Founded in 1884, it was named after Jean Grolier, Viscount d' Aguisy, a leading French bibliophile of the Renaissance.
With little of real interest for the bibliophile it is rather lightweight and unfocused - a far cry from the glory days when Anais Nin and Lawrence Durrell roamed the shelves.
You don't have to be a collector to envy the owners of page after page of beautiful pieces--Edward Gorey's watercolour of a bibliophile in his library; one of 240 copies of Edgar Allen Poe's Le Corbeau, this one signed by Manet and Mallarme; and three items associated with Virginia Woolf, one the outstanding Francis Dodd charcoal drawing, and another Woolf's unique binding of The House of Seven Gables, made for her nephew Julian Bell.
The law extended both timespans by two decades, prompting a legal challenge by Eric Eldred, a bibliophile in New Hampshire who wanted to put digitized editions of old books online.
praising Weinstein's efforts as a collector and recalling his own early development as a bibliophile.
Bullard also confirms that the format of the original publication - variously described as quarto, octavo, and duodecimo by modern bibliographers - is indeed a small oblong quarto, as recorded by the Spanish bibliophile Ferdinand Columbus.
British philanthropist, historian, bibliophile, and patron of learning.
And Lynne Barrett-Lee should know 14 BOOKS He may not have found Love's Labours Won, but Bill Rees wrote a book about being a committed and well-travelled bibliophile 17 CYMRAEG Defodau, symbolau a phropaganda sy'n mynd sylw Lefi Gruffudd 18 FOOD Swapping takeaways for home-cooked could help you save pounds and eat far better in 2012 22 TRAVEL Sian Matheson tries out the spa at Bluetsone 24 24 27 GARDENING More tales from the great outdoors - with a pop star thrown in for good measure 27 TV & FILM A sideways look at family life in a house of 15 kids 53 PUZZLES Make it your New Year's resolution to give them a go 54 SHOPPING How to add a bit of zing to your home and personal style
It's an eye-opening, involving read for any general-interest bibliophile and will make an excellent general lending library pick.