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James Cummins, a Bibliophile specialist, remarked, "We are excited to open this season with the Bibliophile sale.
In its way the exhibition was a survey of book collecting today, illustrating the many and varied interests of bibliophiles.
We are pleased to present our second Bibliophile sale of the season," says Peter Costanzo, Junior Specialist at Bloomsbury Auctions.
If you want proof of all this, take any bibliophile to a local library and then place him in front of a collection of much rarer books wherever they turn up.
The company initially is focused on marketing its product to academia, libraries, and bibliophiles in various professions.
LANCASTER - Antelope Valley College Professor Roger Robinson is an incurable bibliophile.
As well as a bibliophile clad in frogman's gear inspecting water-damaged books, Searle's bizarre and somewhat voyeuristic imagination presents booksellers in all manner of contorted poses.
of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign) is uniquely qualified to relate the saga of a larcenous bibliophile who stole some $18 million of rare books and letters from Columbia U.
and the 16th-century farmer and bibliophile Henry Gurney, among other topics.
It is outstanding and such a wonderful courier for the bibliophile.
Art books make excellent gifts for your favorite bibliophile.
Brian Kovar, a 17-year-old bibliophile from West Hills, said he ripped through the two-inch tome in four hours while watching ``The Slayers,'' a Japanese animation fantasy, on TV.