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Octave Uzanne--the bibliophile who Silverman splendidly revives in this work--rejected the schism between industry and luxury and embraced, "superficially at least" (21), technology to realize his bibliophilic dreams.
And yet, a quick survey of Jefferson's library betrays at least a bibliophilic interest.
The motivation of Athur Giron in directing an inventively staged if barebones reading, co-sponsored by several bibliophilic societies, seems simple enough.
Pemkus, a modest and reserved man, described with a bibliophilic passion the rare items in his collection, being especially proud of publications which had perished in Lithuania.
This opportunity may not be that in the cliched role of bibliophilic treasure hunter uncovering uniquely wonderful and singular treasures of amazing illumination and fine binding--though these do exist.
"A graceful amalgam of memoir and history, The Yellow-Ligthed Bookshop celebrates bibliophilic pleasures that I hope will never go out of style"--Wayne Koestenbaum
(1) In 1909, two generations later, the same translation appeared in a bibliophilic edition in Munich as Das Marchen aller Marchen oder das Pentameron (The Tale of Tales, or the Pentamerone), with illustrations by Franz von Bayros, and once again in Vienna in 1928 as Das Pentameron.
After a 2005 stint playing on London's West End, former Top Gun actor Val Kilmer enthused that English audiences were "smarter" than their American counterparts because "they read books." (This is true, though if the current British bestseller list is any indication, our bibliophilic cousins are feeding their heads with diet guides and biographies of topless models.) The American blogger Matt Janovic, enraged by his intellectual isolation in the Midwest, summed up the prevailing confusion nicely: "Face it: an English schoolgirl sounds more authoritative than the voice of most American politicians ...
Dave travelled thousands of miles to meet the people who had come up with phrases such as 'Francophile namesakes', 'dorkturnspit', 'unconstructive superegos' and 'bibliophilic sandwiched'.
Dave travelled thousands of miles to meet the people who had come up with phrases such as 'Francophile namesakes', 'dork turnspit', 'unconstructive superegos' and 'bibliophilic sandwiched'.
Yet Burton's bibliophilic art more than delights us in our reading; it informs, on the deepest level, the play of ideas in Burton's cento.