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Octave Uzanne--the bibliophile who Silverman splendidly revives in this work--rejected the schism between industry and luxury and embraced, "superficially at least" (21), technology to realize his bibliophilic dreams.
A graceful amalgam of memoir and history, The Yellow-Ligthed Bookshop celebrates bibliophilic pleasures that I hope will never go out of style"--Wayne Koestenbaum
1) In 1909, two generations later, the same translation appeared in a bibliophilic edition in Munich as Das Marchen aller Marchen oder das Pentameron (The Tale of Tales, or the Pentamerone), with illustrations by Franz von Bayros, and once again in Vienna in 1928 as Das Pentameron.
This is true, though if the current British bestseller list is any indication, our bibliophilic cousins are feeding their heads with diet guides and biographies of topless models.
Yet Burton's bibliophilic art more than delights us in our reading; it informs, on the deepest level, the play of ideas in Burton's cento.
Hay-on-Wye, where there is one bookstore for every 40 people, is described as "a bibliophilic Mecca to be reckoned with" where bookshops "exist outside the space-time continuum", while hiking in Snowdonia yields a "rugged majesty", a "tightly packed kernel of soaring cliff faces, jagged pinnacles and plunging waterfalls" and, in the 3,200ft Tryfan, the only mountain in Wales that can't be scaled without using your hands.
Morgan-Cole (something of a mouthful that: she might consider dispensing with the initial if she wants her name to come more trippingly off the bibliophilic tongue) is so anxious to keep herself honest that she provides an "Afterword" to The Violent Friendship of Esther Johnson in order to set the historical record straight.
the amount and quality of Gingerich's historical and bibliophilic information prevent him from going over the edge and make the read worthwhile.
They have until now been considered more as bibliophilic objects than steps in the development of Lowry's talent.
Every so often, in our bibliophilic journeys, we come across a word or phrase that seems to stick in our minds.
Borges' characteristic novel combinations informed by his bibliophilic reading which continue to challenge scholars across disciplines makes his writings a prime candidate for research in the conceptual blending theory milieu.
As a book lover, I'm called to uphold the bibliophilic code and care for my brood.