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When, for instance, Aristophanes 'cheerfully exploits the commonplace derogatory descriptions of women as bibulous, sensual, thieving [.
And although newspaper offices are no longer the bibulous places they once were - Perrier water and cress sandwiches are more in evidence these days than empty Scotch bottles - I am one of the last dinosaurs.
I, for one, have no wish to endure the miserable bicyclepowered world envisaged by the greens and to them I would utter the immortal words of the bibulous Father Jack Hackett: frack off.
Boris Yeltsin began the 1990's as a courageous democrat, only to end up a corrupt, bibulous buffoon, while Putin initially vowed to bring law and order to the post-Yeltsin chaos.
a recently formed organization [that] will produce motion pictures Irish in character, Catholic in sentiment, good clean dramatic offerings that will do justice to the nobler side of the Irish character that will relegate the stage Irishman, the bibulous person of Charles Lever, the ignoramus, the buffoon, the allegedly humorous, the careless living--these characters the products of the brains of English propaganda will not appear in these pictures.
Winston Churchill was famously bibulous, capable of drinking Stalin under the table, and a former Speaker kept a crate of booze under his throne.
Each ovary was first blotted dry with bibulous paper, and three subsamples were then removed from each the anterior, middle, and posterior region of ten ovaries (right or left was chosen at random) and weighed (0.
Once again, we are encouraged to reconsider long-held assumptions and to view musical development through a more refined critical lens: despite its 'informal and quaintly bibulous setting' (p.
Except, of course, for dear Philip Harben, Benny Hill came up with a matchless series of sketches, delivering a devastating impersonation of Fanny at her bitchiest best, the lady of the manor telling the peasants how to serve soup while constantly attacking the beamingly bibulous Johnnie, played by his wonderful sidekick Bob Todd.
9 Murray's bibulous and notoriously ntolerant alter ego embarks on his latest tour to salve the wounds of Broken Britain and vent his fervent dislike of our European neighbours in France.
Some local Masons long contended that the sot Morgan hightailed it to Canada and lived out a bibulous life.
Although the ci-devant discreet epicurean and discriminating bibulous imbiber was himself now consigned by physician's warrant to a monotony of champagne-sipping and spiceless melanges, he was delighted when the Saintsbury Club was formed in London with the object of its members, among whom were numbered the elite of the men of letters, building up, or, rather, laying down, a cellar of interesting wines for the delectation and instruction of members, who would enjoy them at periodically held club dinners.