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Except, of course, for dear Philip Harben, Benny Hill came up with a matchless series of sketches, delivering a devastating impersonation of Fanny at her bitchiest best, the lady of the manor telling the peasants how to serve soup while constantly attacking the beamingly bibulous Johnnie, played by his wonderful sidekick Bob Todd.
Indeed, this parenthetical narrator repeatedly asserts his expertise on matters of consumption and its consequences, excusing the inarticulacy of the bibulous Judge Skimp with the caveat, "(It must be remembered in all these people's favour that none of them had yet dined)" (35), and reporting of tipsy Bright Young People at the races that "They went down the hill feeling buoyant and detached (as one should if one drinks a great deal before luncheon)" (145).
9 Murray's bibulous and notoriously ntolerant alter ego embarks on his latest tour to salve the wounds of Broken Britain and vent his fervent dislike of our European neighbours in France.
Anyone who has read Anthony Powell's Books Do Furnish a Room (1971), the tenth volume of his A Dance to the Music of Time, will instantly recognize the character of the bibulous writer X.
Some local Masons long contended that the sot Morgan hightailed it to Canada and lived out a bibulous life.
Although the ci-devant discreet epicurean and discriminating bibulous imbiber was himself now consigned by physician's warrant to a monotony of champagne-sipping and spiceless melanges, he was delighted when the Saintsbury Club was formed in London with the object of its members, among whom were numbered the elite of the men of letters, building up, or, rather, laying down, a cellar of interesting wines for the delectation and instruction of members, who would enjoy them at periodically held club dinners.
I realized he never had water touching his mouth in the morning due probably to bibulous factor, let alone a brush.
He entered the palace and joined a group of bibulous immortals, among whom was Xu Feiqiong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the enchanting maid to the Queen Mother of the West [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Exhibiting a bibulous stamina that would have impressed the bard himself, Burns's admirers at the 1846 festival roistered on until 7am.
Paid more than their British counterparts, the Canadians could be found in the best restaurants, at the theatre or in pursuit of more bibulous activities.
Oxford was a highly articulate, if at times bibulous, authoritative officer who never hesitated in his forthright views.
This at first surprised me, since Bay Ridge's bibulous population used to support many dozens of local bars.