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The division of a legislative or judicial body into two components or chambers.

The Congress of the United States is a bicameral legislature, since it is divided into two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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Clearly, some decision makers killed the process in the bicameral committee conference to prevent the harmonization of the law to answer the call of workers to security of tenure,' he added.
The bicameral system is also a safety net, ensuring the distribution of responsibilities and the smooth legislative process.
The 1989 Taif Agreement, which helped put an end to the Lebanese Civil War, mentioned a bicameral system where the Parliament would be elected on a nonsectarian basis and sectarian representation would be transferred to the Senate.
The "old" conference style, where managers from a single committee in each chamber haggle over interchamber differences to reach an accord, no longer suffices as the only model for conceptualizing the process of reaching bicameral compromises.
'Without going thru a bicameral conference and without giving notice to the members of the House Labor Committee, the House Labor Committee chair killed with alacrity HB 6908 and substituted it with SB 1826,' Matula said.
Corral said they are now preparing to quash such attempts with sound data and mass mobilization during the bicameral conference.
The President could do that in line with the senators' position that no further change should be made after a bill has been approved by a Bicameral Conference Committee.
Lawmakers are supposed to submit the version approved by the bicameral conference committee to Malacantildeang for the president's signature.
Sotto said the realignment of some P75 billion worth of projects previously identified by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for the government's 'Build, Build, Build' program was done after the bicameral conference committee had ratified the proposed budget.
House Committee on Appropriations Chairman Rolando Andaya Jr., in a statement, urged the Senate to reexamine the list of congressmen who received huge allocations before the itemization and realignment during the bicameral conference committee.
Although President Duterte rarely meddles with the affairs of the Senate and the House of Representatives, Lacson said it would be ideal if the Chief Executive finally steps in to stop House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from tinkering with the final version of the General Appropriations Bill (GAB) that has been approved by the bicameral conference committee.