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Bickering in the Northern Ireland Assembly leads to London rule pro tem.
They spend their days bickering and Father Welsh tries to bring some light to their lives but you can't escape the feeling there will be more funerals before the week is out.
National Ulema and Mashaikh Council (NUMC), he said the main aim of constituting National Ulema and Mashaikh Council was to promote harmony among various segments of society and also to chalk out a joint strategy for promoting interfaith harmony and avoiding bickering among various segments of society.
BEIRUT: Defense Minister Samir Moqbel urged Lebanese politicians Wednesday to distance the Army from political bickering, noting that the military was defending the entire country.
While in the car, Kris and Bruce continue bickering and placing blame on each other.
Health is universal need and a mature approach to the NHS is required, not available in the hot house of political bickering.
In any case, this bickering at Rilkoski's expense does not herald any more tranquil time in the institution tasked with conducting fair and democratic elections.
He dismissed attempts to target the judiciary and drive the judicial authority into the ongoing political bickering as being illegal and unethical.
Rome: Italian politicians resumed their bickering, with supporters of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi taking aim at his successor Mario Monti despite a Christmas call from the Pope for political peace.
Other than the bickering, the site also allows 1,33,560 fellow Infoscions to share moods, blogs, videos, photographs and other stuff, in a manner that is quite similar to that in Facebook.
This week's TribCast features Evan, Reeve, Ben and Emily discussing the holdup with abortion sonogram legislation, cuts to public education, and bickering in higher education.
It's hard to contemplate putting your children through this again but you're already spending most of your time together - so even at their young age they must notice that the bickering and tension have gone.