bid for

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3 billion bid for Delta is a bad deal for leisure and business travelers.
The evening shift commander returned from a meeting to find a note from the chief requesting that he immediately prepare a sealed bid for 10 new, front-wheel drive, 4-door patrol cars.
Such conditional bidding behavior of uninformed bidders creates, in turn, an incentive for experts to submit the bid for a genuine item very late to, as esnipe.
He knew the price was too low and submitted the bid for $1 million more and won.
As it happens, the bids submitted in that auction included a small bid for S.
Shares of some airlines moved higher Wednesday on news of US Airways' bid for Delta Air Lines.
Sergio Ocasio-Roman, president of KOR, said that on August 31, 1999, his firm submitted a bid for facade repair, maintenance, and inspection in compliance with Local Law 11, which requires facade inspections every five years.
No matter how US Airways' bid for Delta Air Lines plays out, large cities will continue to have plenty of air service, the Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney writes.