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They are biddable and intelligent with a nice amount of drive.
He has extensive knowledge of the biddable media landscape and site-side marketing, and has led global clients in the delivery of large-scale digital campaigns.
In male dogs, it often makes them more biddable and less aggressive.
It's killing and maiming some, terrifying others, buying off the biddable, luring stooge "opposition" figures into bogus "talks".
Never the most tractable or biddable of artists, Stevens is making yet another unusual move with his latest album, Love Songs, his first collection of English-language songs for near enough 40 years.
Colonel Imam, now 65, is scathing about both the US military surge and Britain's initiative to buy off biddable Taleban elements.
The frocks, the terrible or triumphant tangos, the fragile egos of macho men attempting to do things with their bodies no sane male should ever try and the arrogant supremacy of dancers who bounce across the ballroom, with bendy biddable limbs.
While it is true that some of the more corrupt and biddable personalities were among those elected, the majority of new members made clear their determination to return Fatah to its roots and reclaim its status as the dominant force in Palestinian politics and the resistance.
Let us hope the EU is not daft enough, or biddable enough, to grant football the exemption for which some are lobbying.
Not an amazingly swift car, but light and breezy and very biddable.
For there is obviously a desire a return to a priesthood of bleating sheep and congregations as biddable as counter staff in a Victorian haberdashers.
Many orchestral conductors undertake some form or other of physical exercise in order to keep themselves fit for their stints on the rostrum, but David Curtis, artistic director of the Stratford-based Orchestra of the Swan, does seem to be going a little far in his quest for the body beautiful and biddable.