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Someone then asked, "If Louie is such a biddable Spinone, why do you use an e-collar on him?
In Lebanon, one concern is the intention to include three biddable factors, of which two are important fiscal parameters, namely: the limit on the amount companies can claim as cost each year (the "cost recovery ceiling") and the sharing of profit between the investor and the government ("profit oil"), in addition to the commonly used proposed work program.
A full 360-degree approach to a digital plan could include display ads to drive awareness, social media and content marketing to drive engagement and the use of biddable media like PPC to drive conversion.
Well, they seem to tend to manifest themselves in rather negative language - too 'shouty', too 'fighty', too 'won't sit still for five minutes', too 'unfocused', too generally not 'quiet, biddable, studious enough' - too in danger of not reaching the hallowed, desired ground called 'five GCSEs, grades A - C'.
Even the most biddable citizen could be forgiven for taking the hump.
the real problem here is the BBC's decision, in the wake of the Hutton Inquiry, to play safe by appointing biddable people.
How could they think that the Holy fire we associate with the Spirit should be in any way biddable to their dark desires?
According to numerous trainers, the Lagotto is a smart, biddable dog that loves the water, and loves to dig due to its nature as a scent retriever.
Nancy Czesak, RA, first vice president, Tishman Construction Corporation, an AECOM company, spoke of some of Tishman's major current biddable projects: the expansion and renovation of the Javits Center; preconstruction for Cornell's NY Tech campus on Roosevelt Island; the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site ; the International Gem Tower; the Baccarat Hotel; Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business; The New School University Center; and Carnegie Hall.
When they reach the railway station Cecily selects one of the evacuees (as she might a pet) to take with them--but May is not the biddable companion she envisaged, and her maturity and good sense commend her to Uncle Peregrine.
Instead, the biddable profit-sharing percentage should be a single percentage.