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On my politely bidding him Good morning, he said, pompously, "Seven times nine, boy?
But the sound of a sharp bark inside, as Eppie put the key in the door, modified the donkey's views, and he limped away again without bidding.
He presently fell down and kissed the place where Mustapha used to sit, bidding Aladdin's mother not to be surprised at not having seen him before, as he had been forty years out of the country.
At Your Majesty's bidding am I come, bearing the ring of amnesty which I will protect--as I would protect Your Majesty's honor--with my life
With what heart can any of the Achaeans do your bidding, either on foray or in open fighting?
I turned away, and went silently to do her bidding.
An thou wilt force it on me so, I must needs do thy bidding, yet with the more pleasure do I so as I drink thy very great health
There was a table spread with the best cold eatables, as at a superior funeral; and facilities were offered for that generous-drinking of cheerful glasses which might lead to generous and cheerful bidding for undesirable articles.
He did bid, but in a manner that conveyed no sense of bidding.
So at the bidding of Fingal the minstrel sang, and soothed the grief of Swaran.
When luck-bringing Hermes came, swift messenger from my father the Son of Cronos and the other Sons of Heaven, bidding me come back from Erebus that you might see me with your eyes and so cease from your anger and fearful wrath against the gods, I sprang up at once for joy; but he secretly put in my mouth sweet food, a pomegranate seed, and forced me to taste against my will.
Would you not say that there was something in the soul bidding a man to drink, and something else forbidding him, which is other and stronger than the principle which bids him?