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To make it simple for bidders to participate in a week-long auction, without having to be constantly vigilant, or to be online at the close of the auction, most internet auction houses make available a simple kind of software bidding agent; eBay calls it proxy bidding.
Contractors have an immediate need for tools that handle the information flow for bidding," said Craig McClure, president of CreativeWare, a Timberline Solution Provider in Phoenix, AZ.
They don't want anyone actually bidding, or seeing out of scope contract Mods etc.
The former Parkchester South Condo architect is suing the board of managers and the condo's sponsor, the Community Preservation Corporation (CPC), for $15 million for alleged racial discrimination, racketeering, and slander as a result of the condo's decision to retain another architect during a bidding process.
This research has classified the types of auctions, rigorously modeled the bidding strategies, and ranked auctions by various criteria regarding efficiency.
You might as why as you are not bidding these two RFPs?
It was this initial check of bids submitted for the February 1991 five-year auction that we now know began the unraveling of Salomon's improper bidding activities.