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Akhtar Hussain Vice President IDF and Consultant Diabetologist and epidemiologist from Norway who was the Guest of Honour, addressing the participants said that he had association with BIDE since 15 years and we had student exchange and research programme.
Continually inspired by research, we are committed to offer better services by working with privileged distributors, well-known and trusted in their own market,” commented Larry, the owner of Bide Pharmatech.
All the celebrity front rowers admitted to being dressed in some Sass and Bide for the show, with Bonnie Wright saying she is a particular fan of the brand as her Mum's family are from Sydney, Australia.
Myer Chief Executive Officer, Bernie Brookes, said Myer's investment in sass & bide represents an excellent addition to Myer's brand portfolio, delivering a highly profitable business with significant growth potential.
CHRIS Hutchings has hailed Alex Nicholls as an "excellent pro" as the young striker bides his time for a belated run in the first team this season.
Rizaov adds that the Macedonian citizen has to work at least two years to collect money for a new or an old automobile so it seems as though this decision will bide intended only for those automobiles with Bulgarian license plates.
Bide close ti ya fathor, wor Davey, like yi did when yee worra bairn.
Lunt is aware he faces a tough task to make an instant impression, but he is happy to bide his time.
RANGERS capture Adda Djeziri dreams of becoming a star at Rangers - but knows he'll have to bide his time and impress Walter Smith before making a top-team breakthrough.
Well those are Geoff's animal tracking friends, and it's with those guys that he likes to bide his off-the-board hours; chasing beasts, battling the elements, and scrambling all over hell's half-acre in pursuit of some genuine wilderness adventure.
But while Baras' ensemble choreography showcases a fine symmetry, the five women and two men almost seem to bide time waiting for Baras.