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Here, then, I must bide this night, for, though the moon shone white and full in the sky, I dared not wend towards the plains alone with the wolves and the ghosts.
No more than December's snow will bide July's sun,'' said the Earl; ``they are dispersing; and who should come posting to bring us the news, but John himself
The essential point is that without seeing her you must believe, confess, affirm, swear, and defend it; else ye have to do with me in battle, ill-conditioned, arrogant rabble that ye are; and come ye on, one by one as the order of knighthood requires, or all together as is the custom and vile usage of your breed, here do I bide and await you relying on the justice of the cause I maintain.
2) If there is an outbreak of fire, but the enemy's soldiers remain quiet, bide your time and do not attack.