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The division bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali heard the case filed by China Power Construction Company seeking stay order against the biding process for awarding contract for the construction of Dasu dam.
It's never been just about the music for her and Biding Time brings all the strands of her work into one glorious moment.
Biding areas were also estimated with HRT based on the 95% fixed kernel estimator with a [h.
Lancaster was watching carefully and biding its time.
What happened to biding your time before letting your football do the talking when you get your chance?
STEVEN GERRARD - People say he's just biding his time to move to pastures new at the end of this season.
They haven't had sex (yet)--Momo because he's biding his time, Sumire because it's not right to have sex with your pet.
What is left of those fed upon is a husk, a zombie if you will, which in turn is sent out to do the alien's biding.
When in use, however, the receiver needs to be taken out of its biding place in the mouse and stuck in a USB port on a computer.
Though the work on view represented only a fraction of Fahlstrom's output, it functioned as a primer for the career of an artist who--because of an early death, a radical, polymorphous oeuv re, or simply capricious history biding its time--is not yet considered the titan he should be, at least in American art circles.
Since the GOP took over Congress beginning in 1995, many centrist, "moderate" Republicans have been biding their time.
The Liberals are biding their time until after the election.