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It's never been just about the music for her and Biding Time brings all the strands of her work into one glorious moment.
Biding areas were also estimated with HRT based on the 95% fixed kernel estimator with a [h.sub.ref] smoothing parameter.
FEEDING TIME: Redwing eating apples in the garden IN FOCUS: A close up picture of a redwing STANDING PROUD: A close-up view of one of the fieldfares BIDING THEIR TIME: The flock of birds in Simon's tree
Songs such as "Doll," "Don't Call Me Fat" and "Good Biding" are unpredictable musical blasts, driven by dirty, grinding guitars, bass and percussion, and all lending a sort of garage-rock earthiness to the sarcastic, often ironically delivered lyrics.
But there's a thin line between biding your time for the right job and just getting back in the game.
Word has it that there are a number of canny players biding their time to strike in the last few weeks in May.
Tumbling Dice and Watson Lake forced the pace and took the field into the home straight but Liam Burke's Thyne Again appeared to be just biding his time before hitting the front.
"At this stage, it's just a case of getting my head down, working hard and biding my time to see what happens," said Lunt.
"At 30, I want to be playing as much as I can and hopefully everyone will have a part to play, it's just a case of biding my time.