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if you were just biding time, flipping through channels during the
9, WSU: Biding time with another bye before UW arrives.
Whatever he achieves over hurdles this year will definitely be a bonus, as he is a chaser in the making and we are just biding time with him.
Unknown to most, a few walls away, a group of FC Copenhagen players were eating lunch by the swimming pool, biding time till the game.
I was biding time when I was 16 - I was on this course, I did drama, I found it easy and people said I was good at it.
The threat posed by stereotypes is lower for students who are so far behind by fifth grade that they are just biding time until they can leave.
Lebanon's feuding political camps continue their horse-trading over the presidential election and the next government, but the leaders are biding time during the regional reshuffle of power before proceeding to the thorny questions of cabinet posts, control of security services and the LAF, Safa added.
Is he just biding time on the force so he can exact his revenge or is he truly compelled to solve crimes so to save people from a similar fate to his?
Such a property has been sidelined, biding time until the prepayment window opened.
He was never really going to fulfil his potential over hurdles and connections were just biding time until he tackled the larger obstacles.
I think several of their players will be on their way in the summer, but for now, they seem to be biding time.