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136) find that 87% of plaintiffs hired lawyers on contingency, with 67% using a fixed contingency fee and 20%, using a varied fee that would include the type of bifurcated lee analyzed in this study.
The company's initial product is the FlowMedica Bifurcated Infusion System, a proprietary site-specific therapeutic agent infusion catheter system.
If liability is the main issue in a case, the case could be bifurcated at that time in order to accommodate the court's calendar and dispose of the primary issue.
In addition, the bifurcated approach could be criticized as depending on estimates of the employer's expected transaction costs.
263(a)-5 confirms that success-based investment banking fees can be bifurcated into deductible and nondeductible components based on the nature and timing of the various services provided.
Since its founding in 1997, AST has been developing stent and stent delivery systems specifically designed to address the unique anatomical needs of coronary artery disease in bifurcated vessels.
Guidant Corporation (NYSE:GDT)(PCX:GDT), a world leader in the treatment of cardiac and vascular disease, has reported data from the company's long-term follow-up study evaluating the ANCURE(R) Bifurcated ENDOGRAFT(R) System in 319 patients for up to five years.
The fundamental indigenous cause, the author argues, was the emergence of a bifurcated bourgeoisie.
The stairs are also expressed externally on the vertical north-east elevation, their positions marked by a series of bifurcated columns.
They say the answer hinges on whether Ultrasaurus has a bifurcated (branched) spine, and a thorough investigation in the coming months should determine this.
3664 / 15 "vascular implant bifurcated polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe), expandable ringed removable 20x10mmx50cms individually packaged, sterile, non-pyrogenic, disposable.
In this bifurcated show, three group portraits stood out for their confidence and authority; the others seemed experimental, tenuous, or simply incomplete.