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di Bernardo, "Two-parameter discontinuity-induced bifurcation curves in a ZAD-strategy-conrolled DC-DC buck converter," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, vol.
The paper adopted gas explosion experimental platform from China University of Mining and Technology and established the one-way bifurcation pipeline gas explosion experimental system.
The bifurcation ratio is a ratio of the number of streams (Nu) in the specified order to the very next higher order (Nu + 1) number of streams.
There was no blue dye observed around the CPN at the level of injection; however, dye was observed extending proximal to the SN bifurcation, Figure 1(b).
Then, if Hopf bifurcation occurs at the equilibrium point of
2D Bifurcation Diagrams and Interactive Relationships between [e.sub.1] and [alpha], [beta], and [gamma].
From the bifurcation diagram depicted in Figure 2, we can see that the period of the ensemble mean response (EMR) varies from 1T to 2T and then to 4T and finally period-doubling bifurcations lead to chaos as the fractional-order q varies.
If the parliament cannot fulfill that assurance, how can the bifurcation be justified?"
The WEB System is a unique, single-device treatment solution for wide neck bifurcation aneurysms, which may account for up to 35% of all aneurysms.
Some of the youth were carrying the copies of the notification by the provincial government regarding bifurcation of Chitral into two districts and were showing the notification to everyone.
Chitral was the largest district of the province in terms of area and spread over 14,850 square kilometres before the bifurcation. The previous provincial government of PTI had decided bifurcation of Chitral in its twilight days; however, soon after the government departure, the process of craving out another district hit snag as Election Commission of Pakistan banned tinkering with territorial jurisdiction of districts and divisions ahead of polls.
Length of basilar artery was measured between the point of confluence and that of bifurcation by two independent investigators, and the average to the nearest point five taken.