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Considering different operating conditions, the bifurcation features for the NO-CO system on Pt are mapped out.
First, let me put aside the issues of bifurcation in family matter cases.
1) The section of the paper devoted to the effects of bifurcation underscores the paucity of valid data that exists on this particular matter and the difficulties that are likely to be encountered in trying to generate some of that data.
Equally, it is unfortunate that he - like Oliver - makes no specific connection between the bifurcation of nature and what might be termed the bifurcation of education: the splitting of education into the arts and humanities (sometimes including the social sciences) versus the sciences (usually including technology).
Observation: Without commenting on the efficacy of this position, it is safe to say the IRS needs to clarify the scope of the bifurcation rules, particularly with respect to the nature of the option that invariably results from application of the rules.
Without the specific focus of bifurcation theory, such a wide array of topics would inevitably lead to a vapid discussion by even the most capable author, but Rosser's attention to bifurcations allows him to make cogent observations in each of these diverse areas.
The following two examples from the Conference Report illustrate the basic bifurcation rule:(5)
In patients undergoing PCI-stenting, approximately one third have a bifurcation lesion.
CEO Mepco directed the deputy directors technical of all circles to start work on high loss feeders, new connections, bifurcation of the feeders and balancing in their circles.
On December 5, 2013, the Union Cabinet cleared the bill for the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh to create a separate state of Telangana.
The president had set a 42-day deadline but the state legislature could not debate the bill as the proceedings were disrupted for many days by Seemandhra members opposing the bifurcation.
We asked the secretaries of departments concerned to sit together with the officials of Andhra Pradesh government and make detailed reports on bifurcation," Shinde told reporters after chairing the second meeting of the GoM on Telangana.