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They all drew to the fire, Mother in the big chair with Beth at her feet, Meg and Amy perched on either arm of the chair, and Jo leaning on the back, where no one would see any sign of emotion if the letter should happen to be touching.
Maybe you're thinking of joining forces with the professor again, as you did when you dug the big tunnel.
You is just like big mans; you wait for him lift his head and then you go for him.
Well, the days went along, and the river went down between its banks again; and about the first thing we done was to bait one of the big hooks with a skinned rabbit and set it and catch a catfish that was as big as a man, being six foot two inches long, and weighed over two hundred pounds.
It sounded as if things were coming with a great procession and big bursts and wafts of music.
And very soon the parrot saw them again, coming up behind, dragging the onions through the waves in big nets made of seaweed.
They took him into the house, and a big man picked him up between his finger and thumb and said he was not dead but half choked.
The whole week through Little Klaus had to plough for Big Klaus, and lend him his one horse; then Big Klaus lent him his four horses, but only once a week, and that was on Sunday.
The fellow knew his master's plans sufficiently well to understand that he had done something to arouse the ire of the Big Bwana and that it would fare ill with them all if they were overtaken in Big Bwana's country.
There he used to stand, a perfect mountain of a man, with his great countenance smiling down upon his little brothers, and his one vast eye (which was as big as a cart wheel, and placed right in the center of his forehead) giving a friendly wink to the whole nation at once.
But," concluded he, "we are going to the white men's fort on the Wallah-Wallah, and will soon return; and then we will meet our Nez Perce friends like the true Big Hearts of the East.
He was a man brought up in big deep-water ships, and the size of the craft under his feet was a part of his conception of the sea.