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Virgin Cinemas Arcadian Centre 0541 555177: Big Daddy (12) Love Letter (15) The Haunting (12) A Midsummer Night's Dream (PG) Analyse This (15) Drop Dead Gorgeous (15) The General's Daughter (18) Eyes Wide Shut (18) South Park (15) Never Been Kissed (12) Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (U) Doug's First Movie (U) Preview: Runaway Bride (PG) Thur.
And a play coming to the Midlands next month brings back to life the story of the friendly rivalry between Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.
Big Daddy turned as Jean, 43, went to collect him from his nextdoor neighbour Jamie Jenkinson.
The company said the Black Creek, located between the Black Thor and Big Daddy deposits, is a high-grade deposit with strong economic potential.
Last year, Just The Best came up with the Irish Derby champion Shelbourne Aston, and at Shawfield on Saturday Cabra Cool, one of two Big Daddy Cool whelps in the IbetX.
Shirley Crabtree was better known as Big Daddy and a wrestling legend before his premature death seven years ago.
The sequence between Big Daddy (Christopher Robbie) and Brick with its bitter pain as truths begin to emerge and dignity is shredded, contains some of the finest acting you will see around today.
AT one time Saturday afternoon wrestling on ITV drew millions of viewers keen to see the bad tempered Giant Haystacks battle out with everyone's favourite, Big Daddy.
Grace Under Fire was axed after five good years at the top just in time for the Big Daddy people to pounce on the out-of-work twins.
SPORTY Spice Mel C travelled light for the Los Angeles premier of her new movie Big Daddy.
Taylor rallied friends who also had weight to lose, and the Big Daddy Club (http://www.