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Londoner Martin Ruane was Giant Haystacks and weighed in at 48st, while red masked fighter Kendo Nagasaki turned out to be Peter Thornley and not a Japanese samurai when he was spectacularly unmasked by Big Daddy during a televised bout in 1975.
GIANT HAYSTACKS Martin Ruane was 6ft 11in and 48st 13lb and fought Big Daddy in over a decade of bouts
When Big Daddy would go away on a business trip, she became very lonely and sometimes took a college boy home with her.
But Kenilworthbased Banger will be hoping for a better reception when he takes his seat at Eathorpe VIllage Hall tomorrow for a play based on the life of Shirley Crabtree - aka Big Daddy.
Big Daddy features up to 152 Mbps downloads, 260+ channels, 56 in HD, a 1 TB Tivo box and unlimited calls to UK landlines anytime.
We--my brother and cousins and I, would grin fiendishly and bubble with laughter when Big Daddy asked us if we had "et" or when Big Mama would tell us she needed the "yard broom" to rake up the leaves.
Nobody wants to look in the mirror and see themselves getting closer to the end of their life" Actress Julianne Moore "I felt like I was Big Daddy with sequins.
I couldn't agree more with Big Daddy 'Beauty deals for kids, dad's disgust at early brainwashing in ugly industry' (Oct 15).
Full Sail's most recent "Brewer's Share" limited edition beer is Big Daddy J's Malt Liquor, developed by assistant brewing supervisor Jason Munoz (pictured above).
Big Daddy posted in Twitter that they were cancelling the concert with "a heavy heart.
THE Foundry Theatre Group bring their fantastically funny hit show Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks to Blackwood Miners Institute tomorrow.
Heavyweight wrestlers Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks stretched Spandex to breaking point, their bulging bellies colliding in the ring like two beached whales, watched by millions on Saturday afternoon television.