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What is required from the US administration is actions, not words, and if the picture of Obama holding a baseball bat has reminded us of the famous saying repeated by Roosevelt; "speak softly, and carry a big stick," then President Obama's policy toward Syria also reminds us of another famous saying in America, namely: "They talk the talk but they don't walk the walk.
Hardwood arrow shafts are the pinnacle as far as carrying a big stick goes, and no one knows hardwood shafting better than Bill Bonzcar at Allegheny Mountain Arrow Woods (AMAW).
Victoria Winckler, director of Welsh social justice think tank the Bevan Foundation, said: "You can't just wave a big stick at [IB claimants], which is what the welfare reforms ultimately do.
These citations requiring the lender, the title holder, the investor, to repair the property is the big stick that code-enforcement officials carry.
ALAN IRVINE admitted he had to get out the big stick after Preston leaked three first-half goals at Southampton.
The catchphrase is a play on the Teddy Roosevelt quote "Speak softly and carry a big stick," Steve Spencer, Paschall's creative director, said.
And you've got to ask yourself if you want that, because they will choice edit with a big stick.
when he was discovered pulling steel bars off the windows of the bar, using a big stick as a lever.
Dominelli makes it a big stick with which to beat ourselves.
The whole Iraq situation has brought back memories of the big stick American power as used in Nicaragua or Chile during the Cold War," he says.
I loathe terrorists but you cannot always solve a problem by hitting it with a big stick.