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Es decir, estamos ante la reedicion del Big Stick y de un vomitive WOLA.
But while Trump often says things that seem drawn from The Big Stick, Eliot Cohen really doesn't like Donald Trump.
What is required from the US administration is actions, not words, and if the picture of Obama holding a baseball bat has reminded us of the famous saying repeated by Roosevelt; "speak softly, and carry a big stick," then President Obama's policy toward Syria also reminds us of another famous saying in America, namely: "They talk the talk but they don't walk the walk.
Must remember to take a big stick with me when I take the dog out for he night-time walkies, as you lot get so pie-eyed, you don't realise your gates are wide open and your "status dog" is on the rampage.
It should not be a big stick to wave at those who, for sound business and family reasons, feel unable to sell their land," he said.
If supermarkets don't act the Government should force them to do so and wield the big stick to ensure healthy eating is strongly encouraged and - most importantly - affordable.
The arrow itself was never found, but as I stroked the thick, white mane of my giant woodland caribou I couldn't help but be impressed by the performance of the simple, big stick that had felled my trophy.
He turned quickly and started to run, but he tripped on a big stick.
I'VE never had to beat my dog with a big stick to train him.
Big Stick Media Corporation (TSX V: BSM), a Canada-based company that owns and operates a portfolio of assets that provide fact-based and opinion oriented information relevant to the sports industry, has announced delisting of its shares from the TSX Venture Exchange.
The "speak softly and carry a big stick" dictum may be restated as "speak wisely, including judiciously saying nothing, but carry--and indeed be visibly ready to use--a big stick.
That said, there were a lot of missed tackles and the big stick will be out at training on Tuesday.