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"That was the biggest thing, to re-connect every part of the club and the biggest part of that was to re-connect players with the fans.
He said: "The weather is going to be the biggest part of it but also getting fuel to the right places, Avgas is very common here and in the US, but in other countries we are having it supplied for us."
We have to rebuild a squad, that is the biggest part of the job."
Shah has the biggest part in the destruction of national institutions."
Shah has the biggest part in the destruction of national institutions." "He [Shah] was the chairman of the committee which stacked political appointments in the past.
Nobody has the power to defame our country, which has the biggest part in fight against DAESH, with slanders lacking wisdom and intelligence.
The biggest part on the outskirts of Kampala hosts Coca Cola and Toyota companies.
They comprise the biggest part of this age group while their aggregate due payments exceed euro5.3 million, the TASR newswire reported.
The biggest part of the Bulgarians' voyage within the country were accommodation and food (about 40 per cent), and transport (around 30 per cent) abroad.
He added that pronunciation was the biggest part, because it could change the rhythm and rhyme.
The biggest part of expenditures accounted for the transfers to the state budget of Azerbaijan (6.1 billion manats), the transfers to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan to provide macroeconomic stability accounted for 3.95 billion manats and the transfers to finance Azerbaijan's share in the STAR oil refinery construction project in Turkey - 735.422 million manats).
The biggest part of our population lives in the regions and clean drinking water is a priority there.