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But the biggest part of me rejoices in his spirit, his heart and his determination to do good.
The biggest part of the increase (from our experience) was the amount of deals/discounts awarded by distributors and manufacturers.
Vale cut the cost of producing iron ore the biggest part of its business--from $ 18.
wSr Me bj Technical director Franco Baldini and Levy have played the biggest part in signings, but new Spurs players including Erik Lamela and Roberto Soldado have had limited success.
Barware is the biggest part of the Rogaska business.
For his part Michel said that goal behind the programs and activities carried out by the ICRC in Syria is to provide all forms of food, health and humanitarian aid to all families which are in need, indicating that the ICRC has allocated the biggest part of its 2015 budget for Syria.
If you look at the amount of buildings that are taken over by the Coventry University in the city centre, the baths/sport centre is in an ideal position for this purpose and if they take over the council oces when they move to Friargate it will be biggest part of the town used by them.
It has a two-story open design that eases views of the nearby Pacific Ocean to the biggest part of the property's occupants.
TO PREPARE: The right cut of meat means everything - so buying is the biggest part of preparing a steak meal.
6million and are now the biggest part of the business.
Data architecture is now the biggest part of Embarcadero's business and represents our significant commitment to the category," said Wayne Williams.
Azzi said that they have discussed the biggest part of the ministerial statement.