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EVENTS 1956: Eisenhower, above, is returned to the White House with the biggest share of votes for 100 years.
Flanked by Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee chief Ashok Choudhary and the RJD's state president Ram Chandra Purve, Chief Minister Nitish released the joint list of the 242 candidates of all the three parties in which the OBCs grabbed the biggest share of seats.
Sofia-based entities hold the biggest share in Bulgaria's economy (at around 43%).
The US had the biggest share of Jordanian exports, where they decreased to the Greater Arab Free Trade Area by 14 percent , while Iraq and non-Arab countries in Asia had a share of some 9 percent of national exports, General Statistics Department's data said.
The TaxPayers' Alliance research found that direct and indirect taxes accounted for an average 47% of the gross income of the poorest 10% of households, with VAT accounting for the biggest share of the bill.
It is expected that the share sale could be Hong Kong's biggest share sale in almost two years.
The Treasury Chief Secretary told delegates at the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow yesterday he would insist on a "fairness rule" so the wealthiest in society contribute the biggest share of their income towards deficit reduction.
London, May 9 ( ANI ): The African National Congress (ANC) has reportedly won the biggest share of the vote in South Africa's general election, partial results have revealed.
The CMA report, which cited the unaudited statistical information for the last year, said that vehicle insurance has the biggest share in the direct premiums with 41 per cent of the total premiums, followed by health insurance 17 per cent and properties insurance 14 per cent.
He said Umra visas took the biggest share with 5,661,243, a rate of 55% of the total visas issued, an increase of 2.
The biggest share of enterprises operated in the wholesale and retail trade sector (44.
Egypt accounted for the biggest share of the Brazillian bean exports, receiving $4.