biggest share

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These were my feelings at the moment, and they were prompted by that glorious principle inherent in all heroic natures--the strong-rooted determination to have the biggest share of the pudding or to go without any of it.
retailer to assume the biggest share of the tax liabilities in Brazil while handing over control of its assets there, the report says.
He would pull strings of all of the business variables and would earn biggest share from the blockbuster movies as a biggest investor.
4%) due to the historical presence of Turkish Cypriots in the north of the island, France would have EuropeAaAaAe biggest share of population with 12.
ZTE won the biggest share of the whole project and will serve 18.
Dairy products comprised the biggest share in Iran's food exports last year.
The US accounted for the biggest share of these exports, standing at 7%, according to DoS figures.
The vegetable had the biggest share of the vote, beating sweetcorn and tomato which both attracted the support of 10%.
The biggest share of revenues was delivered by its established businesses in banking (40 percent) and real estate (38 percent).
Summary: Imports account for biggest share of overall foreign trade at Dh597 billion.
Flanked by Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee chief Ashok Choudhary and the RJD's state president Ram Chandra Purve, Chief Minister Nitish released the joint list of the 242 candidates of all the three parties in which the OBCs grabbed the biggest share of seats.
DIBPL's management felt that there is a potential in the PSMC produced variants which make up the biggest share among automobile users.