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This technique was ever present in the mantra that, instead of costing New York money, the piece would in fact benefit the metropolis through tourist dollars (a post-Gates Bloomberg-administration press release asserted that the project ended up generating no less than a quarter-billion dollars of economic activity); in the unapologetic tchotchke stands at park entrances where crowds queued to buy Gates-related geegaws; and particularly in Christo and Jean-Claude's donation of the millions of dollars in proceeds from these sales to local nature charities, a gesture whose genuine bigheartedness was dimmed only by the ostentation with which it was endlessly hammered home.
entirely--decades of pardon and boundless bigheartedness, the promise of
Throughout the book, Hutch seeks expiation for his mistakes in race relations and to lead his own sex life passionately, but in the end he achieves the "rest" of the novel's title mainly through the "bigheartedness" of the people around him.