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SHEEP. A wether more than a year old. 4 Car. & Payne, 216; 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 331, S. C.

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It is our opinion that management efforts should not include reintroduction of naive bighorn sheep unfamiliar with either cougars or the terrain.
The Arizona Game and Fish Department's Predator Management Plan for the Kofa allows for the removal of lions that are particularly harmful to bighorn sheep.
The security wall could have a bigger impact on the movement of bighorn sheep, which range widely among the hilly terrain.
Fish and Wildlife Service motion-activated camera, a golden eagle confronts a desert bighorn sheep at Desert National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada.
South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks (SDGFP) began bighorn sheep re- introductions in the 1960s and experienced the same array of success as other agencies (Singer et al.
My interest in this subject dates to 1976--when I learned that [greater than or equal to] 2 white-colored individuals had been seen in the Clark Mountain Range, San Bernardino County, California--and I have since then recorded all records of abnormally colored bighorn sheep that I became aware of.
Krausman provides an account of desert bighorn sheep in the Santa Catalina Mountains from their discovery by Europeans around 1540 to their extirpation more than 400 years later.
Over the decades, I've heard some pessimists say that we'll never delist Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep," said Kevin Hurley, conservation director of the Wild Sheep Foundation.
So, naturally, when she became enchanted by her father's account of a herd of bighorn sheep he followed for four seasons, she encouraged him to publish it.
Dressed in her best, this woman wears a twined basket hat, and a "tail dress" of bighorn sheep hides.
Forest Service is unjustly attempting to expel all the packgoats from the forests that have any population of Bighorn sheep (which is quite a large number across this country).