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He was a vegetarian without being a bigoted one, liked moving pictures when they were concerned with travel, and spent most of his spare time in reading Swedenborg.
SOME Holy Missionaries in China having been deprived of life by the Bigoted Heathens, the Christian Press made a note of it, and was greatly pained to point out the contrast between the Bigoted Heathens and the law-abiding countrymen of the Holy Missionaries who had wickedly been sent to eternal bliss.
     "But not, sir, a bigoted one.
Her successor and distant cousin, James of Scotland (James I of England), was a bigoted pedant, and under his rule the perennial Court corruption, striking in, became foul and noisome.
The benefits of the change were so evident that even the most bigoted believer in the village, which you might call soulless as well as sunless, could not but appreciate them.
Firstly, he is at least forty years old - considerably more, I should think - and I am but eighteen; secondly, he is narrow-minded and bigoted in the extreme; thirdly, his tastes and feelings are wholly dissimilar to mine; fourthly, his looks, voice, and manner are particularly displeasing to me; and, finally, I have an aversion to his whole person that I never can surmount.
very King James, a professed papist, more bigoted, if possible, than
For there are no such bigoted holders by established forms and customs, be they never so foolish or meaningless, as English school-boys--at least, as the school-boys of our generation.
And he spoke in terms of the strongest indignation of the faithless conduct of the allies towards this dethroned monarch, who, after giving himself generously up to their mercy, was consigned to an ignoble and cruel banishment, while a bigoted Popish rabble was tyrannising over France in his stead.
Do homosexual students understand that they are using the same bigoted rhetoric against bisexuals that heterosexuals aim at them?
You can't have a real debate when one side is stigmatized in advance as bigoted and, Heaven help us, "homophobic" -- a suitably perverse coinage, which basically means "not sufficiently progressive.
British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's hit film won several awards but angered some for its portrayal of central Asians as bigoted and backward.